Youth Best of Breed 2017 ARBA Convention – Christjohn’s Al



ARBA Best of Breed Winner

Christjohn’s Al was the 2017 Youth Best of Breed Rabbit at the ARBA Convention and is a Best in Show and Best 4 Class Winner.

Al was sired by Reilly’s Snowman and Christjohn’s Ava, a Ruby Eyed White that is out of two rabbits from Honeysuckle Hill Rabbitry that were out of imported stock from the famous Rabbiminimus Rabbitry.

Al is a happy family pet and was the only Netherland Dwarf that Alexander took to convention.  We were very surprised that he won this huge honor!

Christjohn’s Al, Ruby Eyed White Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarfs sired by Christjohn’s Al

Al’s first babies arrived in 2018 and they are doing great on the showtable!  Some babies that have made an impact include:

Christjohn’s Witch

Witch is out of Al’s first litter and we were very happy when she won Best Opposite Self Group and Best Opposite Black in Youth at the 2018 ARBA Convention!

Christjohn’s Witch – Black Netherland Dwarf Doe

This doe has won many more Grand Champion legs in her show career. She is a beautiful small black doe with an amazing body, silky texture, bold eye and short ears. After her big win, Witch will now be retired from her show career so that she can be a mother.

Christjohn’s Lily

Lily won big at her first show, winning Best Junior Self and Best Opposite Ruby Eyed White Youth at the 2018 ARBA Convention in Massachusetts.

Christjohn’s Lily – Ruby Eyed White Netherland Dwarf Doe

Lily almost didn’t make it to the big dance as she still looked like an awkward baby when our entries were made.  Just before the changes deadline, we noticed that she looked like a completely different rabbit, and left home a chestnut Senior Buck to bring three and a half month old Lily instead.  We were very impressed at the quality of the Senior does that Lily won over at such a young age.

Christjohn’s Isabell

Isabell’s first show was the 2018 ARBA Convention, where she beat some very stiff competition from around the country to place 1st in the chestnut junior doe class!

Christjohn’s Isabell – Chestnut Junior Doe

She has a huge head, thick ears, and a very wide body.

Christjohn’s Frankenstein

Frankenstein was 1st place Ruby Eyed White Junior Buck at the 2018 ARBA Convention.

Lex on the left, Frankenstein on the right

He is a very nice correct buck and should mature into a great show buck. He is on the right in the above picture, to the right is his awkward looking half brother Lex who has since filled out to look great as well!

Christjohn’s Victoria

Victoria won many Best of Breeds and Best Opposite of Breeds in 2018  before being retired to be a mother this summer.

Christjohn’s Victoria – Ruby Eyed White Netherland Dwarf

She had a huge head as a young Junior Doe, and we always thought we had her mixed up with one of the bucks!

Christjohn’s Marzia

Marzia placed second  black junior doe at the ARBA convention out of 16 nice rabbits!  She has super thick ears, and great type and fur. She should have many more wins to come!

Christjohn’s Warlock

Warlcok held his own at the 2018 ARBA Convention, placing 3rd of 22 in the very tough Black Senior Buck class. Warlock’s most notable accomplishment, however, is that he is Alex’s trusted showmanship partner and has helped Alex win Grand Champion Showmanship for his age group at the fair and top score showmanship in his age group at the Wisconsin State Rabbit Breeders Association.