2017 ARBA Convention Netherland Dwarf Wins

Christjohn’s Al – 2017 ARBA Best of Breed Winner Bred and owned by Alexander Christjohn

2017 was a great year for Christjohn Farm.  Alexander went to his first ever ARBA convention with mom – who has been going since she was a kid.  Little did we know the excitement that was in store for us.  Alexander’s little REW buck, the only Dwarf that he took, won youth Best of Breed!

I was quite shocked!  The kids take care of their own rabbits, so I had not really paid much attention to their animals, other than to make sure that they were taking proper care of them.  I had no idea that a future superstar was getting ready to shine in Indianapolis.

Al is home now, and producing some nice babies.  Two litter so far, and we are hoping for more soon to start showing in 2018.

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